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The Travel Company specialises in corporate travel, taking your business places and giving you unrivalled access to premium travel services. Whether you are hosting an overseas exhibition or conference or need to manage an important local meeting for clients, The Travel Company can organise every travel need from start to finish. Call on The Travel Company for flights, accommodation, M.I.C.E services, travel insurance, visa assistance, cruises and more.

Air Tickets

It is the endeavour of The Travel Company to find the best fares on offer for domestic and international flights for your journey. Whether flights are booked well in advance of your travel or you need last minute travel arrangements, we go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. We strive to remain transparent in our dealings with clients and you may be sure that there are no hidden costs to the services we offer.

VISA Assistance

The Travel Company makes planning your journey stress-free with visa assistance and a professional visa application service. We ensure that the visa processes is as straightforward as possible, follow a secure document handling practice and we are up-to-date with the latest in travel technology. With over 30 years of experience in visa services, The Travel Company’s expert advisors can offer assistance with visa forms, procedures, visa formalities and applications. The team is made up of responsive and well-informed customer service professionals who can help you to secure the right visa for your journey.


Alaskan Cruises; Caribbean Cruises; Mediterranean Cruises; Antarctic Cruises; Norwegian Cruise; Amazon River Cruises.

Take a cruise and travel the world in style in a luxury hotel on the water, offering you complete relaxation as well as access to some of the most beautiful places on the planet. The Travel Company offers bespoke cruise holiday packages, as well as standard cruise options to suit every budget. Whether you want to journey through the Caribbean islands or try something more adventurous on an Arctic cruise, The Travel Company can find you the perfect itinerary. Not only that, but the well-established travel solutions company can also provide you with all of the travel necessities you will need for an incredible experience, including travel insurance, transportation, foreign exchange and travel cards, flights and accommodation.


The Travel Company works with multiple global and trusted travel partners to ensure unrivalled access to some of the best hotels in the world. From a choice of over 55,000 hotels worldwide, every hotel booking is chosen according to your travel needs, budget and requirements, and every travel solution comes with multiple hotel options – to ensure you have the best stay while you are away.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is now a necessity for travel. The Travel Company offers a complete travel insurance service for your journey. Whether you are embarking on an action-packed adventure or simply want peace of mind when you travel, The Travel Company can take care of your insurance needs and offer you the best options for your journey. The Travel Company can also offer a price comparison on travel insurance policies and even assess the policy on your behalf. You will also have access to a dedicated and responsive customer service 24/7 from wherever you are.

International SIM

The Travel Company understands the importance of staying in touch while you are away, and offers fully-verified international SIM cards. With connections to partners in countries worldwide, The Travel Company can provide interchangeable SIMs with prepaid minutes, messages and data for your country of choice – to ensure you always have access to a phone wherever you are. SIMs can be organised in advance of your travel and the necessary preparations made to ensure the SIM will work perfectly in your chosen country. SIMs can be provided for all models and makes of phones, and for a variety of needs.

Passport Assistance

The Travel Company has the required know-how for passport processing and offers help with Indian passport applications, Indian passport renewal and visas and emigration clearance in passports. We check your application to ensure accuracy and provide assistance in obtaining the necessary online appointment.

M.I.C.E (Meetings, Incentive Groups, Conferences, & Exhibitions)

The Travel Company provides bespoke M.I.C.E services to ensure your next meeting, incentive group, conference or exhibition is the best that it can be. Whether you are looking to seal the deal with a new client, attract new staff or reward your team with an unforgettable incentive, the M.I.C.E event is a great way to see results and maximise your business potential.

The event management service can include anything from a business meeting or a large-scale product launch to an intimate internal conference or exclusive dinner party. We have the skills and expertise to manage your event from start to finish, ensuring no detail is forgotten.

Every M.I.C.E service organised by The Travel Company includes a personal travel specialist liaison to ensure you are supported and your event is always the number one priority.

Western Union

Western Union Money Transfer is the safest, easiest and fastest way to transfer money from anywhere in the world to India.

The beneficiary can receive the amount within minutes of the transaction being remitted from abroad. Each transaction is protected by Western Union Money Transfers’ world-class security systems, is electronically remitted and paid out after verifying the credentials of the receiver. This ensures that the money is paid out immediately and to the right recipient in India. The Travel Company is an authorized agent of Western Union and we provide transfer receipt facility of monies from abroad.